Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Double Look...August Edition

Greetings to our Albion Community! Welcome to our August Edition. We would like to thank all of our volunteers and the different organizations that have put in work to help make our community center one step closer to opening up. A special thanks to the Albion Volunteer Service Organization, The Albion Community Foundation, Albion-Homer United Way, Lincolnshire Homes and also The Albion Housing Commission for their awesome support.

Our community center will benefit the whole entire community once it is open. Not only will the children benefit but, the adults as well. The main purpose for opening up the community center is to take on high-risk kids and low-income families. The second reason is to play a part with the Albion Public School system in bridging the gap between programs and recreational activities.

Once the Double Vision Center is open we will provide training, through our Computer Training class, how to create a resume along with a cover letter, how to complete an on-line job application and surf the web for job search. At this time, we have added more creative abilities to our Creative Art program. A grant was recently submitted for funding to teach people how to create websites, create music and music videos and create phone applications for their mobile phones and other high tech technology skills. Double Vision Center has noticed that these are the things that high-risk kids like to do. With this program put in place, it will challenge their minds to do something more productive, and they will be able to acquire a skill that they can later use in life. Look for this program in the near future.

Collaborating with the Albion Public Schools and other organizations will allow usage of a program we have in place called, Juvenile Court Day. Children that get in trouble will be able to use this program to do homework, community service and give back to the community to help the elderly. We feel that if you are kicked out of school, you are missing valuable lessons. Double Vision will provide volunteers to help with homework. This program will also help people that need to accomplish their volunteer hours through the Calhoun County Probation, Albion Housing Commission, and Family Health Center and other agencies as well.

Double Vision Center has a success story we would like to share with you! Roy, a volunteer, came to us through the AVSO needing 180hrs. He had experience in hanging drywall. Roy restructured the ceiling which has caused us to be another step closer to opening. With 180hrs completed, Roy was so impressed with the things Double Vision Center is doing, that he now volunteers on his own personal time. So, we would like to give a special thanks to Rock’n Roy!


Thank you for reading our August edition of…The Double Look!

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