Thursday, December 29, 2011

Double Vision Center with Improvements needed.

Double Vision Center has done “Amazing” things since we last talked!  Renovations to your community center are taking off daily, and are surrounded by positive people making things happen.  Whether a small donation, a monthly donation, volunteering, grants and even words of encouragement through prayer and verbal conversation, you can expect Double Vision Center/ Roller Rink very soon.


The Double Vision Food Court will be available on a daily basis with food, snacks and beverages for a donation to the public.

Roller skating will be a big part of our sustainability! Family Night skating is a great time to do something with your children, nieces, nephews and other family members.   Children stop by daily requesting, “The skating rink needs to hurry up and open!” Anyone will be able to purchase skate rental at our Pick up skate area. Skating party’s are also available for booking! Stop in and talk to us for more information.

Our computer room will be loaded with computers for your personal usage, and Computer Classes. The room located next to this one is our arcade room. All of this is available to you for a donation.

 Rental of the building is available for Birthday parties, Weddings, Family Reunions, Business meetings, School Events, Church Events, Lock-in, Private parties and much more.
Much More Needed!!

Carpet throughout our walkways are needed as well as tile for our Food Court.

 Skating Floor repairs will complete the Roller skating area.
Carpet and Repairs to the skating floor will cost all together $10,000.
Other unfinished projects include Heating and Cooling System, repairs to our Gym floor, obtaining our Commercial Equipment, and rebuilding our Banquet room.  The cost of these repairs will be $10,000.
These things that Double Vision Center has presented to you will help make your community center a hug success!!  Double Vision Center/Roller Rink will also be able to attact more people for programs such as Juvenile Court, Teen Speakout, Open Mic, Creative Art, Computer Classes and most important…Exercise Events! If you have an interest in donating or becoming a funder please contact us at 517-629-6085 or Email us at and ask for Lonnie or Donnie Brewer. Thank you for following Double Vision Center. More updates coming soon. 


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