Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Double Look Newsletter February 2012

     Greetings to our Albion Community!  Welcome to our February Newsletter.  In this issue we talked to some store owners and there concern was, “No support in the Downtown area”. We also talked to some parents that feel there is no good communication now that the word is out about closing another school.

     Some of our store owner’s downtown feel like they have no support in selling their merchandise.  They feel like they have merchandise here and yet our community goes out of town to buy their merchandise.  So they would like to know…”Where is the communication to improve on selling their goods?”  There is good communication to the store owners but there is nothing there to encourage the public to come to the downtown area and do their shopping.

     On another note, a parent shared with us that they attended a meeting about Albion closing another school and there was only an estimate of 27 parents and a pastor at the meeting.  Why weren’t there more parents at this meeting?  Is it because they don’t care? Or is it lack of communication? This parents concern is that Albion is “Cramming” these kids together.  It would not be so bad if Albion was a village, then this parent could see Albion having…one elementary, one middle school, and one high school.  What are we? A village, a town, or a city?  If we cram all these kids together, it is going to be hard to teach 30-35 students at a time.  Some of our children will not get the proper time that they need with their teacher and some kid will be left out.  Is this fair to our children? 

     May we suggest to the merchants to write up what is on sale or what they have to offer to the community and pass it on to our local DDA and ask that it be printed in the Albion Recorder or a Newsletter for better communication throughout our community.

     We also would like to suggest that we as a community have to find a way to get parents more involved in school meetings.  Maybe we have to give up something to get something.  How about if a parent attends these meetings we could give them a coupon that is only redeemable at one of our local stores in the downtown area? Who doesn’t want $5 off a hair cut at Illusions, $10 off getting your nails done or a pedicure, or ½ off a family meal at your favorite Cascarelli’s or a Charlie’s pizza.   Hmmm…something to think about!

     As for Double Vision Center, we had two young ladies come down and donate their time and baked goods to do a huge bake sale!  All of the proceeds went to renovations of the Roller rink.  We are still looking for help and asking for donations from our community.  You may even donate privately if you want.  Just walk right in City Hall and donate to the Double Vision Center Renovation Account or to the Albion Chemical Bank to the Double Vision Account.

    Thank you for reading our February edition.  See you next Month!

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